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Latest Events

Our events would assist in improving the soft skills and improving the technical skills of the Accounting and Finance professionals.

We offer several workshops and accounting problems for all assets would be looked into extensively and also regular and yearly reporting requirements. The workshops would continue to be hands-on and would offer prized resource materials to attendees that would help them in their day-to-day jobs.

The accounting workshops would also help you and your team improve the important financial insight to make cleverer, more cost-effective decisions. You and your staff would profit from the newest financial management plans and methods to keep your skills sharp.

You could pick from the extensive range of accounting and finance seminars and also workshops, attending discussions and seminars could help accountants in staying significant and well-organized. Moreover, it serves them as a way of interacting with industry leaders, speakers, innovators, and like-minded experts. Networking can be the most successful distinguishing edge in the competitive world.

Our learning club initiatives are interactive clubs for our community members to learn together and to improve the efficiency and skills of accounting professionals on different topics, we have various clubs that work on improving the accounting professional’s knowledge skills and presentation skills and currently we have started with excel learning.

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